TipTop Hotel & Resort

Operated by a Swiss, with 30 years experience in the philippines.
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Tip Top Restaurant

Operated by an internationally experienced Swiss Chef.
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Tip Top Delicatessen

We offers daily freshly baked bread, pastries, cakes and much more.
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Tip Top Hotel - NEWS

On the first week of January 2012, we were able to open our NEW Pool-site Building with six Premium rooms and two double beds Premium rooms, as well two rooms with small fully equipped Kitchen. (good for longer stay)
All rooms with big balcony and 34m2 living area and easy acces to the Pool site!

Tip Top resort have an total of 16. Luxury rooms and one Penthouse.

In December 2011, we offer a laundry service for our guests.

Location overview

Holiday in the Philippines - Your way to TipTop Bohol Hotel


Location TipTop Hotel

TipTop Hotel-Resort, Restaurant and Deli is located in the island of Panglao, Bohol, only walking distance to the famous Alona Beach.

How to reach TipTop Hotel and Resort

Daily flights from Manila to Tagbilaran with the following airlines:

Airphil Express

Cheap Flights from Manila to Tagbilaran, you can get even from 1500 peso. (25 Euro) The flight takes a little over 1 hour.

From Cebu City, they reach Tagbilaran City with one of the ferries:



The trip takes about 2 hours and you get a ticket from 500 peso

The airport and shipping port, both in the capital Tagbilaran.
At the airport or seaport, you'll find many tricycles or taxis. The ride to TipTop Bohol Hotel
will cost about 300 pesos for a tricycle, and 500 Peso for a Taxi.

New Hotel Building


Location Details

Bohol and Panglao Map

The island of Bohol, with an area of 3900 km² and a coastline of 332 km, the tenth largest island of the Philippines. Tagbilaran is the capital with approximately 1 million inhabitants and is located 635 south of the capital Manila. Cebu City, the second largest city in the Philippines, is 75 km away from Tagbilaran.

Bohol is surrounded by 70 smaller islands, of which the largest is Panglao Island. Panglao and Bohol are connected by two bridges, the Tay Tay and Borja Bridge.

Panglao is a popular tourist island
, which has many resorts and beaches. Alona Beach is the most famous beach on the island. The island has an area of 99 km² and 62000 inhabitants. It is divided into the communities Dauis (northeast) and Panglao (southwest).

Tip Top Hotel, Alona Beach-Bohol

Bohol Hotel, Alona Beach - Panglao

Tip Top Restaurant, Alona Beach

Restaurant Alona Beach - Bohol

Tip Top Deli Shop, Alona Beach

Delicatessen Alona Beach - Bohol